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Interior motives
2019-05-17 -- Large-scale commercial demolition projects and building teardowns often lend themselves to straightforward recycling opportunities for contractors. High-volume materials, like concrete and wood, and high-value materials, like metal, are systematically cherrypicked from sites and subsequently recycled. But what happens when a demolition contractor generates materials that aren’t easily processed through traditional recycling method. -- [full text]
[Construction & Demolition Recycling]

WasteExpo 2019: Finding new markets for C&D materials
2019-05-07 -- WasteExpo 2019 kicked off May 6 with a session titled Change is Coming: Insights Into C&D, which discussed creating markets for two of the most difficult to recycle materials: fines and wood. -- [full text]

Fort Collins, CO Approves Mandate for C&D Debris
2019-04-19 -- Fort Collins just approved a mandate requiring construction and demolition (C&D) crews to send their waste to a planned regional debris sorting and recycling facility for 10 years after the facility opens. -- [full text]
[Waste 360]